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Have you ever looked at your calendar and realized that it’s two days before a paper is due, and you don’t have a single written word? Or perhaps you’re working on your final essay for your English class, but the words just aren’t coming together.

Maybe you’ve been staring at a blank screen all day or furiously typing away on your laptop for hours with no real progress made. If this sounds like you, then you know the struggle of having a paper due and not being able to write.

Even if you have excellent time management skills, sometimes meeting a deadline can be difficult, especially when it comes to essay writing. This is because essay writing doesn’t just require concentration; it also requires:


It can be challenging to come up with great ideas for essays. Most students are under pressure and don’t have time to sit down and brainstorm essay topics – let alone create supporting statements to back up a thesis or argument.


The more you know about a subject, topic, or idea, the easier it is to convey that knowledge in writing. Unfortunately, many students have trouble writing essays because they don’t know enough about the subject. Finding the information needed to write a convincing essay can be difficult without access to credible research tools.


Essays need to not only have grammatical accuracy but also factual accuracy. Unfortunately, taking time to fact-check and locate credible sources is a time-consuming process that many students can’t afford to do in addition to their other obligations.

Even if a student is capable of drafting and finalizing an essay on their own, other situations can arise that get in the way of completing an assignment, including:

Busy Schedule

If you’re already busy with several other activities such as sports, clubs, and volunteer work, you might not have the time to do your essay writing. It’s difficult enough to come up with ideas for essays or brainstorm relevant topics – not to mention the time it takes to write the essay.

Homework Overload

Regardless of the course of study, students find themselves frequently overburdened with homework at every stage of their academic career. With students receiving an average of 20-45 hours of homework per week, meeting every deadline for every course can be challenging.

Personal Emergencies

External factors can often lead to the inability to complete an essay. For example, whether it’s a personal emergency such as a sudden illness or an accident with a family member or friend, it can be difficult to concentrate on an essay assignment when other things are going on in life.

What Should Students Do When Faced with a Tight Deadline?

There are many ways to deal with a looming deadline should you find yourself stressing out over writing an essay. One way is to ask for an extension from your teacher. However, this option is not always doable if the deadline is immediate or your professor will not grant extensions.

If you can’t get an extension for your essay or are afraid to ask for one, your other option is simple: hire an experienced writing service such as Last Minute Essay to complete your essay for you!

What Is a Writing Service?

Writing services help students get the essay they need to avoid educational consequences such as a failing grade or expulsion from school.

These services are specifically designed to help students who need an original, well-written essay, free from errors and delivered on time. While a good essay is generally a product of an extended writing process, these services will provide you with a perfectly-written one that meets all the requirements (and more!) in under 3 hours – without fail!

Are Writing Services Legal?

This question is often asked by students who wonder if they can get someone to write their essay for them. The good news is that the frustration of missing a deadline and receiving a failing grade can be easily avoided with the entirely legal services provided by Last Minute Essay. In addition, thanks to a talented team of writers, Last Minute Essay can curate non-plagiarized content written from scratch to help students get the results they need.

I Need Someone to Write My Essay in 3 Hours, Is That Possible?

When you need essays written in three hours, the team of professional writers at Last Minute Essay have you covered! Trusting your writing needs to Last Minute Essay means that you will get a finished paper that is original and well-written.

What Type of Essay Can Be Written in 3 Hours?

With the ‘Write My Essay In 3 Hours’ package from Last Minute Essay, any writing needs can be completed, including but not limited to:

  • Argumentative Essays
  • Expository Essay
  • Informative Essays
  • Persuasive Essays
  • Critical Essays
  • Comparison and Contrast Essays
  • Cause and Effect Essays
  • Descriptive Essays
  • Narrative Essays

It doesn’t matter what the topic or thesis is; the talented team of writers at Last Minute Essay can complete your writing from the moment students message, “Write my essay in 3 hours!”

What Do I Get with an Essay Writing Service?

With an essay writing service such as Last Minute Essay, you not only get well written, non-plagiarized essays fast, but you also get:

  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Educated writers
  • Additional revisions
  • Specialized formatting
  • Title page and citations (if needed)

Using a writing service can make a world of difference to a student about to miss a deadline. With the ‘Write My Essay In 3 Hours’ package, you can get all of your writing needs completed in a fast and efficient manner without sacrificing the quality of your essay.

Who Writes My Essay?

The Last Minute Essay team of writers for the ‘Write My Essay In 3 Hours’ package has been thoroughly vetted to ensure that you get a top-notch essay in sync with your requirements, delivered on time, and free from plagiarism and grammatical errors.

These writers were once students themselves and understand the stress and pressure of submitting essays on time. With this in mind, they are committed to producing work written from scratch, following your specific guidelines.

The writing team at Last Minute Essay is comprised of academics from a variety of specialized fields, including:

  • English
  • History
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Philosophy
  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • and more!

Regardless of the topic, rest assured that Last Minute Essay can provide the skilled writer needed for the job.
Is It Safe?

Writing services such as Last Minute Essay value privacy as much as they value providing students with high-quality essays delivered within three hours. You will never have to worry about someone finding out that you used the service. Additionally, you can be assured that the information you provide to place your order will always be kept confidential.

Furthermore, because all of the essays are written from scratch and are guaranteed to be original, you won’t have to worry about your completed essay being flagged for plagiarism by your professor.

Hiring the services of Last Minute Essay is the best way to ensure that you have someone who can complete your essay fast and the safest way to ensure that your essay is non-plagiarized and completely original.

Who Can Use Last Minute Essay?

The simplest answer is everyone! Last Minute Essay services are available to any student that:

  • Doesn’t have time to finish their essay
  • Is in any level of education from high school to graduate-level courses
  • Has other obligations with work or family
  • Has trouble writing
  • Doesn’t understand the topic of the writing
  • Lacks the resources for credible research
  • Needs help with ideas for their essay
  • Has any other academic problems
  • Needs an essay ASAP

Last Minute Essay isn’t interested in why you need an essay written. It is only interested in providing you with a high-quality essay that reduces your stress and guarantees that you will have a completed essay to submit on time.

What If I Don’t Like My Completed Essay?

Your satisfaction is essential, which is why Last Minute Essay offers additional revisions to ensure that your essay meets all of the requirements you provided.

When submitting your request, make sure to provide the customer service agent with as many details as possible so that they can match you with a writer that is capable of meeting your expectations, including:

  • Topic
  • Thesis
  • Word/Page count
  • Formatting style

Providing the required information leaves little room for error, and you can be sure that your completed essay will be everything you need it to be. Once you are satisfied with the essay, you can download it to your computer and print it to hand in or deliver it directly to your professor.

Essay Writing When You Need It Most

Last Minute Essay can help you get out of any writing jam! All students have to do is message the website, “Write my essay in 3 hours!” The talented team of writers will cover everything from drafting your essay to proofreading it for grammar mistakes and formatting the title page and citations.

Ordering the ‘Write My Essay In 3 Hours Package” from Last Minute Essay is the best way to get an essay written in the shortest time possible. Simply place an order, provide as many details as possible, and allow Last Minute Essay to do what it does best – help students avoid academic failure!

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