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Maybe you just don’t have the time to write an essay because of other work or school obligations. It could be that you just don’t like to write. Or maybe you’re just not good at writing.

The truth is, many students could benefit from the services of a professional essay writer but don’t know how to go about getting one, or even if they actually need one.

What Exactly Is an Essay Writer?

An essay writer is someone who completes essays for students, usually under a very short deadline. You can think of them as the educational equivalent of a ghostwriter.

Essay writers offer their academic and writing talents to services that assist students with getting an essay written fast. With the help of a fast essay writer, a student can stop worrying about missing a deadline and start focusing on completing other assignments that will help fulfill their educational goals.

Why Would Someone Hire an Essay Writer?

Writing essays is different from other types of educational or academic writing. Unlike more straightforward writing assignments, essays require a lot of pre-writing steps that other types of papers don’t.

Depending on the essay, you may need to:

  • Come up with a thesis. Explanatory and argumentative essays require a strong thesis statement to make their points. If you’re not sure about your thesis or need to revise it, an essay writer can help.
  • Choose a topic. Unlike research papers and case studies, essay topics can be on anything related to the subject matter. Because of this, choosing a topic that one is familiar with can be rather challenging without the help of a professional essay writer.
  • Outline your arguments. Persuasive essays require students to convince the reader of a particular opinion. To do this effectively, arguments and ideas must be outlined to ensure coherency and flow between paragraphs. If you aren’t sure how to argue your point properly, an essay writer can be of great assistance.
  • Get creative. Some essay formats, such as descriptive and narrative essays, require students to write far more creatively than they do for other types of assignments. This type of writing can be pretty challenging for students, especially when they lack experience writing this way. A fast essay writer can help students avoid writer’s block that stems from creative writing.
  • Research your topic. Analytical or comparison essays will require in-depth research to craft a credible and compelling paper. Without proper research, a student may end up with an essay that doesn’t meet the assignment’s requirements or, worse, is full of errors. An academic essay writer can help students ensure their academic integrity and avoid a poor grade because of inadequate research.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Essay Writer?

Beyond having an academic professional complete an essay that will help you pass your course and earn a degree, many students feel that hiring a writer is beneficial in many other ways.


Students often find themselves overburdened with a variety of obligations both inside and outside of school. In addition to hours of coursework for other classes, many students also have jobs and personal lives that they must attend to.

Because of the specific (and often complicated) structure that essays need to be written in, students with busy schedules find that they don’t have the time to research, outline, write and edit an essay before it is due to be handed in.

Easy to Use

Services such as Last Minute Essay use a variety of online methods to help students order an essay fast. With drop-down menus and a simple order form, students can get an essay written with ease by selecting:

  • Type of essay
  • Due date
  • Page/word count
  • Formatting requirements

Additionally, Last Minute Essay offers 24/7 customer support so students can easily track order progress, request revisions, or add additional orders.


Writing an essay is hard, but hiring a fast essay writer is easy. After placing your order and providing your assignment details, students only need to sit back and wait for their essay to be delivered.

No more risking your educational goals just because of a family emergency, illness, or other obligation. And no more worrying about missing out on an opportunity to earn a degree, finish school or create a better life for yourself.

Is It Safe to Use a Fast Essay Writer?

Services such as Last Minute Essay connect qualified experts with students worldwide who need help completing their essays.

Last Minute Essay is dedicated to providing essays for students created from scratch and 100% plagiarism-free. This ensures that students are not penalized by their professor or school for using someone else’s work.

Furthermore, the services provided by a fast essay writer are entirely legal. Because all content is created from scratch and 100% original, students are not in any violation of copyright laws.

How Fast Can an Essay Be Written?

The beauty of a writing service such as Last Minute Essay is that their team of writers can create an essay as fast as you need it. Want to get a jump on homework that is due in a few weeks? Contact Last Minute Essay. Need an essay written in under 3 hours? Contact Last Minute Essay.

No matter the deadline, the writing team at Last Minute Essay can meet it with a well written-essay tailored to any writing need, including:

  • High school, college, and graduate school essays
  • Essays for scholarship applications
  • Personal statements

If you need a fast essay writer, contact Last Minute Essay. It is the best way to get an essay written fast and customized to your needs.

Can I Order an Essay on Any Topic?

Writing services such as Last Minute Essay wouldn’t be very effective if they couldn’t help students with any essay writing needs. With a talented team of experts, Last Minute Essay can connect students in any field of study with an essay writer trained in that particular area of knowledge.

From analytical essay to compare and contrast essay and everything in between, a fast essay writer from Last Minute Essay can write about topics including:

  • English
  • History
  • Economics
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Political Science
  • Anthropology
  • Literature
  • Art
  • Religion
  • Music
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Women’s Studies
  • Film Studies
  • Environmental Science
  • And much more!

Furthermore, to guarantee a well-written essay written with credible and authoritative content, Last Minute Essay vets writers to ensure they can:

  • Meet deadlines
  • Create original essays from scratch
  • Communicate effectively
  • Proofread and edit their work
  • Follow formatting and citation guidelines

By ensuring that writers are capable of meeting these requirements, Last Minute Essay is able to guarantee that any topic can be written about effectively, be plagiarism-free, and meet any deadline requirements.

How Are Writer’s Chosen?

When a student places an essay order, the customer service team at Last Minute Essay searches their database for a writer who matches the student’s criteria.

A writer may be selected because they can meet a specific deadline requirement because they have specific knowledge in the essay topic or a combination of both.

Once the writer has been selected, the customer service team will work with the writer to develop an essay outline tailored to your needs. Then, following your instructions and guidance, the essay will be written in accordance with any formatting or citation guidelines that you have requested.

How Do I Receive My Essay?

Every essay provided through Last Minute Essay is delivered electronically. When the essay is ready, students get a notification via their preferred method of communication. A sample of the essay will be available to review for errors, formatting, and other structural guidelines.

If the student is satisfied with their essay, they can download it and print it out to hand in or submit it electronically via email or document hosting services.

What If I Am Not Satisfied with The Essay?

Having been students themselves, our writers are dedicated to creating original essays that meet the needs of their customers. In the event that a student is not satisfied with their essay, they can request additional revisions, and in some cases, a refund.

To ensure that your essay meets your professor’s requirements, it is essential to provide any and all relevant information with your order. Fortunately, the Last Minute Essay team of writers maintains a constant loop of communication with the customer service team. Therefore, they will reach out immediately if they have any questions about your order or the professor’s requirements.

Need an Essay Fast? Hire Last Minute Essay!

In conclusion, Last Minute Essay is a credible service that can help students write any kind of essay.

With an impressive team of experienced writers and quality control staff, students can get essays written in a matter of hours rather than stressing over writing them for days or weeks.

Instead of risking your academic career because of a single assignment, let Last Minute Essay help you get the grade that you need with high-quality, original essays for any topic or field of study.

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