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No other assignment in the halls of education is more dreaded than essay writing. Yet, as we progress through our educational journeys, essays become more commonplace and more complex. For many students, essay writing is the most challenging form of written expression.

While the circumstances blocking a student’s ability to write may vary, the due date doesn’t. As the deadline gets closer and closer, overwhelming frustration sets in, and before you realize it, you think, “I need to write my essay in 1 hour!”

This frantic realization leaves students with two choices. The first one is to burn the midnight oil and crank out many pages on a topic you haven’t researched on top of all the other coursework you have. Or, and probably worse, don’t complete the essay and receive a failing grade.

Neither choice is an excellent option for many students who suddenly realize, “I need to write my essay in 1 hour!” Fortunately, there are fast solutions that deliver students from all levels of education a way to beat the clock and still get a passing grade.

Can Someone Write My Essay in 1 Hour?

The answer is yes! Services such as Last Minute Essay offer premium writing services for students that are down to the wire on their due date.

With a few clicks of a button and key information describing the topic, word or page count, due date, and formatting requirements, getting an essay written as soon as you need it is a possibility.

Why Do Students Use a Fast Writing Service?

Students often seek out writing services from Last Minute Essay because:

It’s Convenient

The term “students” isn’t specific to young adults. Instead, it is an all-encompassing term that includes adults of all ages. Because of this, lifestyles outside of school vary, with some being too busy to get an essay written quickly.

Instead of risking a failing grade or expulsion from a course, it is a lot more convenient to have a top custom writing service complete any or all of the essay for you.

Additionally, students with lots of extracurricular activities may find that there isn’t enough time in the day to complete the written work assigned by their teachers while participating in other activities.

Instead of risking an incomplete and possibly failing grade, paying for a professional writing service to complete the essay is a way to get it done without throwing off your schedule of events.

It’s Academically Focused

Last Minute Essay provides professional writing services from expert writers, whether you just need a few words or an entire essay completed. The knowledge and expertise of the writers is wide enough to cover essay topics ranging from high school to graduate-level courses.

The writers are also educated on all forms of formatting that need to be followed per the instructors’ instructions. Just provide your assignment requirements, and you will have a custom essay written just for you.

So, no matter if it’s a run-of-the-mill freshman year narrative essay or a highly complex analytical essay during your final year of college, this service has the academic writers to complete it.

It’s Really Really Fast

With a talented pool of expert writers ready at a moment’s notice, Last Minute Essay guarantees that they’ll be able to meet your deadline requirements. From the moment you message the customer service team, “Write my essay in 1 hour, please!” you’ll be able to track the progress of your order from start to finish.

Whether it’s 1 hour, 24 hours, or even a few days before it is due, Last Minute Essay can get it done quickly and at an affordable price.

If you are a student on a very tight deadline and can’t stop thinking, “I need to write my essay in 1 hour, what do I do?” don’t waste any more precious time! Instead, consider the services of a professional writing service such as Last Minute Essay to ensure you make the grade that earns you your diploma.

Is It Legal to Use a Fast Writing Service?

Yes! A ‘write my essay in 1 hour’ type of service is entirely legal for students to use when they feel like they have or will run out of time to complete an essay.

Furthermore, because of The Last Minute Essay plagiarism-free guarantee, you won’t have to worry that you’ll be handing in an assignment that has already been done before. Instead, our writers create each essay from scratch using the information you provide as a reference.

What Topics and Essay Styles Are Covered in the Writing Service?

If it can be assigned, then the Last Minute Essay team of talented and qualified writers can write it. The scope of knowledge covered by Last Minute Essay writers includes any:

  • High School Essay
  • College Level Essay
  • University Level Essay
  • Graduate-Level Essay
  • Essays for MBA Programs
  • Persuasive Essay
  • Analytical Essay
  • Comparative Essay
  • Critical Essay
  • and much more!

Topics for essays can include typical educational courses such as math, science, and English to more advanced or nuanced studies such as Political Science, Astronomy, or even Sociology.

How Are the Writers Chosen?

When a writer wants to work for a premium service such as Last Minute Essay, it takes more than just being a great writer. To work for this writing service, a writer must have passed a series of vetting procedures that test:

  • knowledge and expertise in a specific field of study
  • ability to create accurate content quickly
  • communication skills
  • ability to follow the detailed instruction

Writers must demonstrate that they can not only write well and fast but also in a way that is accurate and helps students earn the grade they need to pass.

Once you send a message detailing your writing needs to the Last Minute Essay customer care team, they’ll search for the perfect writer who meets your specific writing needs. This could be based on their ability to meet your deadline requirements, particular knowledge in your essay topic, the writer’s level of education, or a combination of all three.

Once the writer is selected, you’ll be able to track their progress through the Last Minute Essay website. In addition, you’ll receive updates throughout the writing process so that you know exactly what stage your essay is in at all times.

What Parts of My Essay Can Be Written?

An essay can be written in its entirety or in part.

If your essay is less than a page and you only need the introduction written, then your assigned writer will do just that. This includes crafting an interesting hook to capture the reader’s attention and presenting a thesis statement for the remainder of the paper to build on.

If you’ve completed most of your essay but need help with the conclusion, your writer can provide this for you as well. Conclusions are often tricky, but the talented writers at Last Minute Essay can ensure that yours is a well-written and logical conclusion that ties together the entire essay.

Additionally, writing services can provide students struggling to complete an essay or under a tight deadline with outlines and other pre-writing resources to help craft the framework of an essay. This is an excellent option for those who want to follow a specific structure and maintain their unique tone of voice throughout the writing.

Furthermore, at Last Minute Essay, you may be eligible to receive a free title page, bibliography, or both if your essay requires it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I change my order halfway through?

In some cases, altering the requirements of an essay can be done assuming there is enough time to perform the changes and meet your deadline requirements. Our writers spend their time wisely to ensure that the essay they produce is well-crafted, accurate, and ready for submission when the customer needs it, so be aware that any changes may alter the date for completion.

2. Will anyone know I hired a writing service?

Your confidentiality is a top priority. You’ll never have to worry about anyone knowing who assisted with the creation of your essay. And because every essay is guaranteed to be unique and original, you won’t have to worry about your essay being flagged for plagiarism, reducing the risk of receiving a zero for your paper.

3. When can I place an order?

Last Minute Essay offers round-the-clock support for students that urgently need an essay completed. Simply shoot a message to our customer service team saying, “Write my essay in 1 hour!” and they get back to you with all of the information you need while they search immediately for a writer who can complete your assignment.

It Is Never Too Late to Get the Help of an Essay Writing Service!

With so many tasks to juggle and a limited amount of time to complete each one, there is no shame in asking for help when it comes to essay writing.

It doesn’t matter if you are a student with three other major assignments due at the same time or you simply don’t know where to start, Last Minute Essay has your back.

The writing team is passionate about providing excellent essay services and will ensure that your paper meets all academic requirements for submission.

What are you waiting for? Place an order and get your essay written for you today!

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